Drives Sales: Add-ons & Cross-sells. Well designed feature-rich tickets, making it easy to buy.
Improved Compliance: Built in regulatory monitoring & alerting.
Improved Productivity: Run significantly more promotions without increasing headcount.
Improved Responsiveness: React immediately to your competitor’s promotions.
Ease of use: Only 1 system to learn for tickets, ESLs, Signage and Print
Data Integrity: One copy of your data. Not a copy down each channel.
Simple Support: One point reporting and one point fix for all channels.
Secure Infrastructure: Hosted in our Tier 1 Cloud, or your own data centre.
Flexible: Mix and match your media across your estate or in a single store.
Environmentally Friendly: Reduce paper. Reduce fresh food waste. Reduce merchandising.


Check out our video demonstration of what iRexM3 Signage Direct solution can do: