Retail Price and Ticketing Transformation - iRexM3 by VestcomiRexM3 Image Direct – Electronic Shelf edge Labels (ESLs) to your ever changing price points, fresh produce aisles or high profile product ranges.

Get the best of both worlds with electronic shelf edge labels (ESLs) and paper integration thereby not compromising on either the rich customer information or quick reactive pricing. Presenting iRexM3 Image Direct.

Dramatically reduce waste in fresh produce ranges using analytics and ESLs combined. Ask us how.

Change your prices across a whole range without impacting the store.

Simply the most appropriate output at shelf edge, all configurable by store,  allowing you to rollout as you wish.

High quality yet cost effective

Image Direct delivers high quality cost effective devices in various sizes along with integrated paper and ESL combinations which are proven in production.

Rich reporting

Rich reporting including battery life and signal strength by device. All this available to you at corporate level, delivered through one point iRexM3 reporting.

Secure infrastructure

All this along with the iRexM3 Secure tunnelling infrastructure – results in a simple and painless rollout.

Robust delivery system

A robust delivery system which has proved itself to be reliable and quick in the most trying of circumstances and congested store networks.

Plug & Play

The system is a simple Plug & Play allowing your own ‘in house’ merchandising teams to install it over night if you so wish.

Modular system

You may deploy Image Direct as a single module at first then add others on at a later date. Costs are proportionate and appropriate.