Integrated Retail Limited (known to our friends as iRex) registered as a limited company in 2007. Previous to that we were known as OTT, delivering shelf edge labelling to Dixons Retail since 1998.

We have 18 years of experience in delivering real-time pricing & marketing messages direct to shelf edge, resulting in our clients enjoying market leading shelf edge point of sale.

Over the last few years we have focused on talking to clients about future requirements and the challenges they face. iRexM3 at its very core has been designed to meet and exceed these requirements & challenges, providing the maximum benefit at shelf-edge in the most cost efficient manner.

With iRexM3, clients will benefit from the exceptional layout designs and business logic so successfully leveraged by Integrated Retail’s present clients, some of whom have by far the most complicated set of function and design requirements for POS of any UK or European retailer.

We therefore believe we are ideally placed to not only deliver your pricing, but to also offer best of class design capabilities and advice, along with business rule integration expertise. This decreases costs, improves compliance and increases marketing message impact. Delivering one version of the truth down all channels.