Retail Price and Ticketing Transformation - iRexM3 by VestcomiRexM3 Link – Reporting

Our iRexM3 link system makes all your multi-channel content available  back to your corporate teams via rich APIs for use across your estate.

Comprehensive and secure management reporting across all channels.

One view updates visible across your estate, down all channels.

  • Unified, integrated, comprehensive and secure management reporting across all channels
  • One view of product/content data updates across the estate on all channels
  • Full set of status reports including system status metrics (e.g. battery power for ESLs, etc.)
  • Aggregated top level metrics for summary reporting
  • Segmented reporting by store(s) or by channel(s)
  • Graphical displays, with data available as .xls or .csv downloads
  • Reports available from reporting web services layer

Global Monitoring: We can monitor the system for you, down to individual components and raise alerts on your behalf.