Data Integrity: Single instance of data from your production systems. Not multiple copies down each channel. All output is created from this single record (price change). Therefore if correct, then correct across all channels. If not correct, it is easily remedied with single data feed.

Re use your own internal data. Price, messages, product information, compliance information and more is utilised by iRexM3. We ingest your data then process & output in real time. No need to change back-end systems.

No intrusive infrastructure changes or compromise to your in store networks as all our services and software is designed to run in the cloud – or on our serviced cloud. It is possible to configure the system to run on your internal systems if so required.

Reusable: Link delivers all created content to you, for use at corporate.

Simple support: Single support structure. One point reporting and one point fix.

Single point reporting: Quick and uniform reporting cross channel. Direct to you.

A single system: Delivering a multi-channel solution for your business.

Hardware agnostic: You are not committed by iRexM3 to any hardware provider even when half way through a rollout. We could include a new provider by simply creating a portal into iRexM3.

Modular: Can be purchased and deployed one channel at a time, as required.

Quick fix: Fixes for incorrect information is delivered across all channels extremely quickly. If correct in one then correct in all. If incorrect in one then incorrect in all so easily and quickly resolved.