Your ever present sales person: Beautiful designs, quality Information, intelligently laid out tickets, informative & appropriate use of graphics, colour segmented messages, meticulous customer research and a clear understanding of ticket design at inception; delivering the most effective shelf edge message. Both customers & independent analysts confirming that our tickets are the best available & ‘Fit for purpose’. Furthermore staff feedback is that our comprehensive & easily navigable POS makes them “even better sales persons.”

Help your customer to make great purchase decisions: Compare & contrast. Look across our range and choose the most appropriate product for you, with our easily navigable tickets. Find the same narrative across all areas of the store so shop & choose easily, whatever your product requirements.

Speed: New point of sale designs are delivered into production in hours & days not weeks.

Increased loyalty: We have found that real time pricing on ESLs & Signage delivering ‘Low price’ guarantees to your customers resulting in increased customer loyalty. Furthermore very useful when competing on price.

Best deals: iRexM3 allows you to postpone your decisions on ranges or promotions to the very last minute. You can secure the very best deals from your manufacturers, for your customers before committing to print & or publish.

Everything in proportion: The iRex team can source Brand logos & Icons, photograph products and create designs to your specification resulting in a uniformed and proportioned look across all your tickets and signage.

Up sell and cross sell: Multi-product ticketing delivering your chosen add-on products, delivers additional revenue across range. Change an add-on, or a price of an add-on, and the system will automatically generate new graphics across the board.

Revenue stream: By maintaining quality graphics for brands, logos & Icons you encourage your manufacturers to assist you with the cost.