Retail Price and Ticketing Transformation - iRexM3 by VestcomiRexM3 Print & Deliver – High quality, centrally printed POS media: large format or compiled tickets, delivered direct to your retail outlets.

Our Print & Deliver system creates large format printed Point of Sale (POS) or compiled ticket sheets, direct to an external print source for print collate and distribution.

We allow an approved printer access into iRex servers where they can collect the approved ‘print ready’ files be they large point of sale posters, compiled tickets or brochures created through iRexM3 Publishing.

Print & Deliver allows your marketing teams to delay the final decisions on pricing & promotional messaging to the very last moment. Capture all those last minute deals from your supplier or change products based on available stock at the very last moment before going to print.

Printed Point of Sale Posters

Print & Deliver A0 compiled
M3 Print & Deliver A0 page of compiled tickets

iRexM3 Print Direct POS Poster Family

Automated content

Print & Deliver reduces your design & sign-off time by utilising automated and pre-approved content.

Flexible service

We will work with your pre-approved print resource or suggest an already integrated print partner.

Modular system

You may deploy Print & Deliver as a single module at first then add others on at a later date. Costs are proportionate and appropriate.