One version of the truth down all channels.

All your signage needs delivered from a single data source, maintaining data integrity and continuity of messaging across your estate.

Mix and match: Define which channels you wish to use at store level and add them in the future as you wish.

Modular system: Once integrated you can switch modules according to your in-store pricing needs.

Hardware agnostic: Meaning you won’t be tied to using a particular hardware supplier.


Explore the links below to see why iRexM3 is right for your team

GRID Marketing person

iRexM3 for Marketing Teams

Help your customers, increase loyalty, up-sell your products, show your best deals…

GRID Store Ops person

iRexM3 for Store Operations Teams

Save time and money, remain compliant, less waste, environmentally friendly…

GRID IT person

iRexM3 for IT Teams

Data integrity, no intrusive infrastructure changes, single point reporting…

GRID iRex Barn

Added value with iRex

Integrated comprehensive global monitoring across the system.  Imaging Studio. Design & photography service…