Retail Price and Ticketing Transformation - iRexM3 by Vestcom

iRexM3 by Vestcom has – at its core – a proven and world class tag/ticketing system in its ICE image processing engine. Not only is it proven in the field but it remains a super-fast and fully featured image processing engine.

All we need is a data feed, and we will transform that into:

  • Large format, high quality centrally printed media, delivered direct to your retail outlets.
  • Multi-format, beautifully designed, content rich tickets printed in-store along with real time price and promotional messages.
  • Electronic tickets to your ever changing price points or high profile products.
  • Video and still content compiled and delivered real time to your high margin gondola ends.
  • Data delivered through a rich API to optimise everything from pricing to promotions, mark-downs to space allocation

iRexM3 is designed from the ground up to integrate with other channels like ESLs or signage as well as produce paper POS. ESLs and signage have not been shoehorned into an existing paper generation system, but have incorporated into a plug and play architecture offering clients as much or as little of the iRexM3 system as they wish.

It is hardware agnostic, so you won’t be tied to buying expensive new equipment and it allows you the freedom to change your mind, and mix and match channels as you wish.

Not all ticketing systems are the same

Many ticketing systems today are an amalgamation of individual service providers, each one engaged to deliver down separate channels.
With iRexM3 we simply ingest your pricing & messaging and deliver to stores down all channels collectively.  As simple as that.


iRexM3 was designed based on the many years of experience iRex has gained from working with Dixons Retail, which has by far the most complicated set of functional and design requirements for POS of any UK or European retailer. iRexM3 at its very core, is designed to meet and exceed these requirements, so providing the maximum benefit at shelf-edge, in the most cost efficient and cost-reducing manner.

iRexM3 is designed to scale to the largest of clients. iRex’s support of Dixons Retail over many years, during the most critical of times for the retailer means that iRexM3 is built to provide the capacity, resilience, reporting and responsiveness required to ensure prices, product information and marketing messages are correct, delivered and displayed even under the heaviest of loads.

Explore the options below so you can build the package that best suits your business.

Shelf Edge Tickets

iRexM3 Print Direct – Bespoke, content rich tickets printed in-store with real time pricing and promotional messages.

Printed Point of Sale

iRexM3 Print & Deliver – High quality centrally printed media delivered direct to your retail outlets.


iRexM3 Analytics – Optimise your pricing strategy – and ready for dynamic price optimisation down all channels.

Electronic Shelf Edge Labels

iRexM3 Image Direct – Electronic shelf edge labels to your ever changing price points, fresh produce aisles or high profile product ranges.

Digital Screens

iRexM3 Digital Direct – Product specific video and still content compiled and delivered in real-time.

Outsourced Solutions

Vestcom Outsourced Solutions – Best-in-class outsourced solutions to generate efficiency savings across your retail estate.

Brochure Production

iRexM3 Publishing – Using your quality data to product automated pages for your brochure and print requirements.


iRexM3 Link – Comprehensive and secure management reporting across all channels.