Retail Price and Ticketing Transformation - iRexM3 by VestcomVestcom Solutions delivered through iRexM3

Redefining what’s possible at the point of decision. Transforming the shelf edge into a competitive advantage. iRexM3 is part of Vestcom, and its data-integrated solutions give you the power to drive results for your business, brand and team.

Create best-in-class labour savings, capitalising on unused space.

  • Increase reset execution speed and drive incremental revenue.
  • Product images speed new stores, resets and restocking activities.
  • Utilises additional “dead space” for storytelling.

Improve tag compliance, provide clarity at shelf while also reducing tag labour.

Tags arrive in planogram / store walk order for speed, ease of application.

Drive sales with CPG-funded promotions that apply your brand guidelines.

Runs alongside iRexM3 digital technology and other solutions such as stackz

Drives healthy message in-store & online to both inform customers & remain compliant.

Deliver operational efficiencies in-store with direct-to-shelf attributes on all print and digital media.

Watch to see the concept of Stackz in action: