Retail Price and Ticketing Transformation - iRexM3 by VestcomiRexM3 Digital Direct – Product specific video and still content compiled and delivered ‘real-time’ to your high margin digital signage sales positions.

Our Digital Direct system creates and delivers signage content to your own TV products or digital signage displays including phones, tablets and laptops. M3 delivers real time, product specific content along with add-ons and rich messaging. This can be interspaced with video content or web-feeds appropriate to the message.

Digital screens are dynamic, constantly changing to deliver engaging and appropriate content. In this way, M3 does not suffer from ‘same old info’ syndrome suffered by most other CMSs.

iRexM3 is hardware agnostic allowing you to change your mind on hardware, or run with a range of suppliers. It is intentionally designed so you don’t make expensive, risky decisions on expensive hardware with no room for manoeuvre if technology – or strategy – changes.


See what iRexM3 Signage Direct solution can do for your retail estate: