Save time and money in store on merchandising with either ESLs or next day tickets, printed in your preferred order.

Remain compliant with auto generated messages & prices on ESLs and shelf edge tickets, for example recycling pricing in EUROPE or price specific warranty messages. iRexM3 reporting will highlight stores who have not printed their daily tickets so there is less likelihood of tickets not being put out.  Saves on OFT fines or expensive mark-downs.

Intelligence: The system knows which images it needs to produce from what it already knows of your estate. A simple price feed for a product will be mapped to store merchandising and all the appropriate images created, delivered and reported on.

Environmentally friendly: You can mix and match your Multi-media in a single store. Deliver the most appropriate technology down each channel. Where paper is appropriate deliver paper, where digital serves best deliver appropriate technology and reduce your carbon footprint.

Less Waste: Why continue to contribute to the vast amount of waste in food, when simple in store diagnostics can generate a price & message change to an electronic device, taking into account (end dates on food) (stock availability) and so on. This might simply be a feed from your internal systems, if already available.

Simple payments: Transaction pricing is available on licensing along with additional support packages.