Sell your goods before they go out of date with dynamic pricing software

Never before has it been more apparent that one of the biggest problems for retailers is how to effectively sell perishable goods before the use by dates expire, and how to communicate that to the customers in a timely manner.

With iRexM3 our dynamic pricing software allows you to build a package tailored to your store requirements and respond quickly both at head office and at store level to the very latest deals. IRexM3 ingests your product and pricing data and delivers that to your choice of printed shelf edge labels, digital signage displays, electronic shelf edge labels and even large scale printed posters.

Electronic shelf edge labels (ESL’s) are a great way to respond quickly with pricing to your latest price reductions but it can be very costly to roll this out to all your store price points. With iRexM3 you can install ESL’s on your perishable goods, shelf ends and anywhere where you are likely to need a quick turnaround on pricing, allowing you to save money by using printed shelf edge labels on your remaining goods. You get the advantage of a single system managing the same data source feeding all channels, and the same great design across all your price points.

In addition, iRexM3 can also allow store managers to respond immediately to their latest deals and highlight them to customers using mobile digital signage displays both inside and outside the store. They are able to highlight the items they need to sell in their individual store and combine those into a dynamic pricing display drawing the customers attention to the very latest offers where they need it the most.

We would love to speak to you if you would like to know more, or come and see us on the 12th April in London where we are joining with our partners, Xplace and presenting a Retail Pricing Showcase where we will be delighted to give you a demonstration of the irexM3 system.

iRexM3 Digital Signage Animation Still