A five-step process to digital price transformation

Powerful, proven with a tantalizing ROI

Enhancing the shelf-edge through digital connectivity has become a new – and powerful – way for physical stores to jump ahead of competitors. Getting timely, compliant and powerful pricing information to the shelf edge ensures customers have what they need to make quick and high-quality decisions for themselves and their family.


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Offline has finally realised that it has something which online can never have – presence.  And the digitalisation of offline is now the new priority.” – Andrew Busby, Forbes.com

Clear messages on price and value, health and lifestyle deliver a positive shopping experience. In a world of endless choice, shoppers return when they trust clear messaging that delivers quality and value. Regular shopping habits form. For the customer, it’s one less thing to worry about.

We call this Digital Price Transformation (DPT) and it’s a powerful and proven way to build presence in store. So why are most retailers still hesitant to embrace this? The benefits are proven, the need pressing: what’s holding them back?

When we discuss DPT with clients, they have questions…

  • Will any solution deliver ROI and justify upfront investment?
  • Display technology changes rapidly. Is it wise to commit to a single solution or provider down each channel?
  • How can we leverage brand placement revenue? Will my partner help with this?
  • Is there a quick return so I can show value, early on in the project life?
  • Will this support sustainability goals and reduce our carbon footprint?

Pricing today

Look closely at print within your organisation. Is it as efficient as it can be? Does it impede sales through lack of functionality or restriction on speed of delivery? Is there day-on-day pain in store, multiplied across your retail estate? Is the data process restricting in its ability to deliver all the marketing collateral that you would like at your shelf edge?

If the answer is yes… then simply replacing printed tickets with digital signage will give you similar problems.

Our five steps to delivering on all the above

  1. Fix print. We examine and revitalise your print solution. We ingest and rationalise your data. We find efficiencies, drive sales, introduce new solutions where it delivers immediate returns.
  2. Trial digital. We introduce electronic shelf-edge labels (ESL) to categories where ROI is fastest.
  3. Leverage technology. We introduce digital screens pricing where the screens (TVs, digital screens) already exist.
  4. Grow revenue. We introduce full digitised gen-end sales points and leverage our know-how in accessing brand placement revenue, on your behalf.
  5. Build trust. We incorporate your on-board analytics and introduce new technology. We push the results to web and till system, so your pricing is always aligned. Everything is underpinned by paper so you never need risk not being able to trade.

This is iRexM3 by Vestcom. And it’s proven and ready to go now for your retail estate.

Delivered by Vestcom International, synonymous with driving outsized value for some of the world’s largest retailers. We service around 70,000 retail outlets globally delivering some 3.5 billion prices a week.

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